A Successful May Long Work Weekend!

It felt so good to arrive at camp at hear children's laughter there again. A Camp Okema family member fondly recalls laughter is one indicator that Camp Okema is fulfilling its mission. It's about building community with others who are on this same journey. With our buildings in good shape, multi-purpose bat-free, and our new playground installed, we can't wait to hear your laughter at Okema this summer.

New Playground´╗┐!

Thank you to the volunteers who worked hard at the following projects, pictured, mentioned, and unmentioned!

The Nurse's Cabin Reno is coming along. It will hopefully be ready for renting and camps this summer!

The Office

The Office has been re-organized and the back room has been reconverted to host our summer staff.


Multi-purpose is bat-free ­čĄ× and ready to be a space for indoor worship and rainy-day activities. The back room in multi will be our new craft area.

Grounds & Equipment

Some trails cleared´╗┐ and trees have been trimmed´╗┐.

Picnic tables have been painted´╗┐.

The beach has been cleared and is ready for you to come and relax!

Two new basketball hoops have been purchased and installed.

The List Goes On...

  • The Leader's Cabin deck got a new coat of paint.
  • All cabins have been checked; smoke alarms work, fans and heat are functional, mattresses have been sanitize; fans work.
  • Furniture has been re-distributed
  • Fallen tree debris has been cleared away from our front entrance sign, leaves raked.
  • Signage has been re-painted.
  • Volunteers cooked take-out meals for the weekend.
  • The lawn was mowed and grass around trees was whipper snipped.
  • Canoes have been checked and necessary repairs completed.
  • Sports shed has been cleaned & organized

A HUGE thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who made it out. We ´╗┐accomplished far more than we had hoped to - we even made it through much of our 'want-to-do-if-time' list! The camp is looking in excellent shape this year, and we are so grateful for all those who continue to support Okema with time and/or money because you believe in God's mission through this sacred place.

We can't wait to see you this summer! ´╗┐

May 31, 2021 | Sarah Albers