Volunteering at Camp Okema:

The children and youth who come to Okema build meaningful, long-term relationships with one another and with volunteers. Okema brings together people from various communities across Saskatchewan while giving faith-based leadership opportunities to youth and young adults. Volunteers are given specific jobs at camp like cabin leading, leading crafts, cooking, etc. and find that they have encountered Christ in the Okema community. 

Join us in mission with your time, building the kingdom of God through investing in the Okema community.
If you are interested in volunteering, please send us an email at [email protected]


Sign up as a volunteer using our Okema Volunteer Sign-Up Form:


We will be in contact to find a place for you to volunteer, whether that is at one of our camps, representing Okema in your community, or helping with our retreats.


These are children who are too young for camp, but attend with their volunteering parents. Tag-a-longs are welcome to participate in the programming as capable. They get involved in Okema at an earlier age as they anticipate being full-fledged campers. 

We ask for $75 per week for a tag-a-long who is over 3 years old, to cover food costs.