Indigenous Family Camp

At the Indigenous Family Camp of Healing and Reconciliation, Indigenous clergy and community pillars lead cultural activities such as drumming, smoking meat, teaching about the tipi, beading, and prayer services. Children and their families come together to pray, eat, learn, and participate in cultural activities. We pray that Christ's healing work is realized through this ministry. Settler volunteers attend, facilitating the background logistics. We pray that Christ may animate reconciliation through these relationships built at Okema.

Frequently Asked Questions

                                     Can I bring my friend/niece/nephew etc?

Yes! Please invite as many people as you can. 

What are the accommodations like? 

You will be staying in a cabin with bunk beds, 8-10 people/cabin. Please bring your own bedding. There are communal bathrooms and showers. Meals will be provided.

What should I pack?

Please follow our camp packing list.

How many people will be there?

Camp Okema has space for about 100 people to sleep there. The number of attendees will depend on the number of registrants.

I live nearby. Do I have to stay overnight?

Drop ins and visitors are welcome. Everyone must register.